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Dear Author, dear Vidder,

Thank you so much for creating something for me! I am sure that anything you come up with will be wonderful! I don’t have many 'dislikes' and you are free to include pretty much anything you need in order to tell the story the way you like it. This said, the purpose of this letter is to provide some ideas and, hopefully, encourage a plot bunny to pop up and head off. But if nothing in this letter is helpful, feel free to run with your own idea. However, please, don't include my do-not-wants.

Do Not Want (regarding fic gifts):
- Friend or lover betrayal (unless it's canon)
- cheating
- break up fic between/among the characters of my requested ships
- gen or pre-slash about my requested ships
- fic ending with any of these: one-sided or unresolved feelings, completely hopeless mood, requested character(s) dying.

Do Not Want (regarding vids):
- Cavity-inducing sweet sounds and lyrics, slow paced songs and vids
- gen vid / no romantic or sexual innuendo whatsoever about any of my requested ships

I Do Love: any kind of shippy fic about my pairings, though especially first times. ♥ I’m also a sucker for all the hurt/comfort scenarios, especially when the character is (or both them are) put through the wringer! I love when sexy-times happen as a misguided means of coping with the hurt, of the psychological kind especially, for example. I enjoy canon compliant fic as well as divergent canon AUs. For superhero canons I also like non-powered AUs where they still have their usual jobs (or anything that canon suggested they could have done) but no second superhero life, and they get to know each other and eventually get together in this kind of context.

General Prompts list:

◾A and B (and C?) getting in trouble
◾A getting in trouble and B (and C?) coming to the rescue
◾A close call w/ much hurt and some comfort
◾Acting on their own feelings
◾Accidental Marriage, Marriage Tropes
◾Accidental Sex
◾Accidental soul bond becomes requited - generally any soul bond AU
◾Angst with a Happy Ending
◾Brainwashing and/or Recovery
◾Canon Compliant, Canon Divergent, AUs (except for mundane AUs)
◾Celebrating Holidays with Family of Choice
◾Competent characters
◾Dangerous situations and getting hurt to protect the other
◾Drunk Confessions, Drunk Sex Aftermath
◾Earn Your Happy Ending
◾Fake/pretend couple/threesome becomes real
◾First date
◾Fix-It. All the fix-its!
◾Getting outed and dealing with it; or alternatively coming out to friends/family, or to the public (for in-canon famous people)
◾Getting Together
◾Handcuffed Together
◾Happy Ending
◾Huddling For Warmth
◾Kink Exploration
◾Idiots in Love
◾Loss of Powers
◾Love Confessions
◾Moving In Together
◾Plotty/Long fics (putting this tag here in the event your story is longer than you meant, short stories will be loved too!)
◾Post canon death: A realizing B’s presence dispels his loneliness, makes him feel good
◾Prison survival or escape
◾Protectiveness, situations where it becomes apparent
◾Realizing You Care
◾Rescue missions or self-rescuing themselves
◾Road Trip/On Vacation Together
◾Sex Pollen, or what comes after it
◾Sharing a bed/body warmth leads to sex
◾Shenanigans during the mission
◾Snowed In
◾Spontaneous consensual Dom/Sub play (I'm cool with any character assuming either role)
◾Stranded or stuck somewhere together
◾Surprise married due to messing up with time travel
◾Temporary amnesia/memory loss
◾Temporary or permanent loss of sense or limb: learning to cope with the loss.
◾Time travel: A and B aren't romantically involved with each other when they meet their future selves, in a very compromising position...
◾Undercover missions, Undercover as Couple/Married
◾Woke Up Married

Dark Matter TV (Fanfiction, Fanvid)

- One/Three
- Two/Three/Four
- Three/Four
- Three/Six

Shows set in space are right up my alley, and I find Dark Matter’s setting completely cool! All the characters' individual backstories are intriguing, though the elements from this show I love the most are: the team and pair dynamics, all their interactions and bonding while aboard the ship or off to carry out a mission or for supply restocking, the hints of their backstories whenever we get to more of it, and so on. <3 I'm up to date with the canon, so if you wish to write post -canon (fix-it?) fic, I'm totally cool with that.

For my vids request, I adore vids that tell a story, whether it is an AU story, or a canon-consistent story. I love first times to bits, and this is also true for vids, but I don't mind established relationship vids too. I'm cool with the use of footage from other canons and with Mature/NC-17 content. I'm unsure how to prompt about vids, but if any of my general or ship-related prompt ideas aren't of help, feel free to run with your own vid idea.

One/Three: I really loved the interaction between Three and One throughout season 1; they would make a nice dysfunctional couple, and I bet they would have nice hate-sex too, if only because it would allow them to hide their affection for each other, being too stubborn and proud to get past their frenemies and rivalry setting. I'd love a story where they get forced to voice (or show) their fondness for each other and to out the sexual (and romantic?) tension finally. Though, any kind of get together fic would be absolutely wonderful (though I'm betting neither of them would call what they have as being together :) )! If your story is set in season two, please fix One's death? Maybe it could be interesting for the Raza crew to believe he died and mourn, and then he turns up as still alive? I'd love to read Three's thoughts process, and the we-meet-again encounter, and how they get to eventually fuck from there. But I don't mind to read any other plans you have in store for this ship. :)

Two/Three/Four: It was so great to see how tight, efficient and badass the three of them were while together on Hyperion-8! I’d love a fic with more of it, as missing scenes with them
I also like that Two seems to enjoy better the dominant role both in and outside the bedroom, though I wonder who would top between Four and her. What the final of season 2 means for the threeway ship? Any other fic idea is welcome.

Three/Four: I like that Four was the first guy Three felt he could trust with secrets, and also is always the one guy Three would go to whenever he needs an accomplice or an ally for grey or bad deeds. :) But IMO, one of the most shippy moments about this pairing was when Three was still grieving about Sarah’s death and refusing to enjoy some R&R, and Four was the one volunteering to go and talk to him. I’d love first time about this pairing, maybe with Four calling the shots and Three complaining but loving to comply. For this request especially, I’d rather for you to fix the season 2 ending & cliff-hanger (please no of Four betraying the Raza crew, nor Three and/or the others possibly being dead), or maybe set the fic anywhere in the series before that?

Three/Six: I also loved how Six and Three's relationship changed through the season 2, Three having it in for Six due to Six's betrayal, Six playing it cool and being patient about showing that he has no intention to betray them ever again. The tension between the two of them does little to hide the care they have for each other, regardless of their past words and deeds. If you ask me, it feels a lot like UST to me, so I'd love any story taking the UST and bringing them to the point of Resolving the Sexual (and romantic?) Tension. :D Then there's the Six-saves-Three's-life trend that I'd be thrilled to see carried on in fanfic too, if writing hurt/comfort is more your thing! I don't mind different plot ideas either for these two, all I really wish is to get to read about them finally confessing feelings/kissing/fucking, it's up to you. :)

If there's sex, I'm OK with any bottom/top configuration for these pairings; I have a slight preference for Three bottoming, but I don't mind the reverse.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow (Fanfiction)

- Worldbuilding: Pre-Chronos Survival Time as Stranded
- Worldbuilding: In the Hands of the Time Masters
- Worldbuilding: Domestic Scenes aboard the Waverider

I adore this show and I'm completely fond of all the main characters, and many of the guest starring characters too. Time travel stories are always up my alley and even if the way it's done here doesn't really make sense (lol) it doesn't make me stop loving this show. :D That said, the team interactions and bonding, especially of Ray, Mick and Leonard's, are my very favorite part of the show, though the crackiness is a close second.

I'm cool with any take you wish to write for my Wordbuilding requests, while Domestic Scenes aboard the Waverider could regard everybody aboard the Waverider, Pre-Chronos Survival Time as Stranded, and In the Hands of the Time Masters, are most likely tags specific about Mick, I'd be happy to read a story addressing that part of canon regarding him and his 'descent' into Chronos character, or his personal growth later, in particular. But if you have a canon-divergent idea about another character feel free to write that.

I'd love any story that sticks closely to the canon, optionally bringing the slash in, or I'd love any story that diverged from canon too, like ... IDK, maybe Ray's the one getting stranded and getting saved-captured by the Time Masters to be brainwashed and become Chronos? (Do the slash happen in this case?) The team having fun or shenanigans, or both, while executing a robbery or a mission together? More of Mick teaching Ray to be his partner in crime? Gift giving, especially if it's something unusual being gifted. Of course any other scenario would be great!

Deep Space Nine (Fanfiction)

- Relationship: Bashir/Garak
- Relationship: Mirror Bashir/Garak
- Relationship: Damar/Garak
- Worldbuilding: Cardassian culture
- Worldbuilding: Cardassian mating rituals

Cardassians are my favorite species in the whole Trek. There were many titillating Garak & Bashir chats that piqued my curiosity, where Garak would've often teased his human friend with Cardassian related stories, and lengthy praised his ancient culture, clearly so different from the human's.

I'm always up to get to know more of their intriguing and quite peculiar culture, politics, society, and especially their courtship rituals (it's not by chance that one of my – many – favorite Trek episodes is Destiny. :) )

I’m also requesting Garak/Bashir, that is my OTP on this series, Garak/Mirror!Bashir, Garak!Changeling-Bashir and Garak/Damar so feel free to pick any of them for a worldbuilding based story; though you don’t need to, I’m cool if you’d rather write about OCs too. However, please avoid explicit het or Dukat ships.

Please don't mind if this fandom is shorter than the other ones. I'd be thrilled to get stories about it, as much as with any other requested fandom.

Enterprise (Fanfiction)

- Relationship: Malcolm Reed/Soval
- Relationship: Thy'lek Shran/Soval
- Worldbuilding: Andorian/Vulcan Homosexual Romance Implications
- Worldbuilding: Vulcan Homosexuality

Maybe Cardassians are my favorite species in all the Trek, but Vulcans and Andorians are close seconds and I'm really excited and intrigued with the chance of requesting a story exploring their cultures in relation to each other and to Vulcan or Vulcan/Andorian homosexuality.

What happens when two same-sex people, belonging respectively to two species whose political relationships are tense at best, want to get together? What about their culture clashes or biological compatibilities and incompatibilities?

Or what happens when two Vulcan male people want do the same? Is it too illogic even to contemplate, with their marriages being not about love in the first place?

Being Soval, Shran and Reed some of my favorite characters in this show, if you want explore any of the worldbuilding tags with either of my requested pairings, run with it; but you don't have to, if you'd rather use OMCs instead, for instance.

Or, I’d also be thrilled with a no-worldbuilding-related story about either ship. I’m cool if the story is set during the series or post-series, or as a canon-divergent AU.


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